Nature provides peace and it has provided us with different colors of flowers, plant and trees to look at, which are also an extension of the serenity we seek. Lush green grass is the basic element of a beautiful garden. It requires time and effort to keep it in good condition. There are a number of things that are needed to make grass grow well. If you are facing any problems in this regard, then you have to find a solution to deal with it. If you are resident of Cape Cod and looking to get services regarding your lawn, get in touch with different companies offering Chatham lawn care services to get the best result for your lawns.

Following are some of the tips to take care of your lawn:

Prevent Compaction

Compacted grass does not grow well and in summer season, it leads to bare patches while in the winter season it is changed to mud baths. Aerating soil is the best practice to prevent compaction. To do this, push a garden fork 10 cm deep into the soil after every 10 cm. This will allow the roots to breathe and let the grass regrow.

Accurate Feeding

For proper feeding, use a wheeled lawn feeder for fast and accurate job. When the rain season is close by, apply fertilizer so that the feed can wash down to roots. In case it doesn’t rain, water the fertilizer properly and you will get greener grass within a week. A typical time of feeding is spring and midsummer.

Go for Edging

Give define edges to your lawn by using a pair of long-handled shears in order to avoid grass growth into borders. This practice will give a neat look to your garden. The places where grass has gone to borders, use a spade or half-moon edger to reshape it or the second option is to install permanent edging.